What to do in Oslo


Oslo might be an odd destination for a summer getaway but we decided to give it a go as we’ve never been. And oh how happy I was when it was raining back in Manchester and Oslo was gorgeous. My Oslo tan is still on fleek!

Talking about good weather and outdoor activities, Eventbrite have this super cool summer project called GOMO (Going Out More Often).You can read all about it here. It’s basically trying to get people out and about and discover new outdoorsy things. Their website lets you check out events in your area and even helps you organise your own! Unfortunately I’m a bit late to the party as Pokemon Go is already doing that but I thought a guide to glorious weather Oslo would be a good idea to get people away from Netflix and Chill and encourage the good old weekend city gateways!

Without further do, let’s get into my guide to the Norwegian Capital. I’ve been thinking of what to start out with and I thought it will be appropriate to share with you the free and outdoorsy places first, followed by museums and finishing off with beautiful food and drinks.


I’m not the first one to say this but Oslo it is a bit on the pricey side. Do not fear! If the weather is nice, you won’t need to go anywhere near the underground or busses as there are so many places scattered around town that it will be great just to walk and explore. We stayed in Grunnerløkka ( bargain Airbnb find) which is like the Northern Quarter of Oslo and it’s quite central so I guess we were a bit lucky with that. We found so many amazing places while walking around but I’ll try to limit myself to top 5.

1. Damstredet

I fell in love with this street the first time I walked on the pebbled stones. It’s the oldest street in Olso and I won’t say anymore, but the houses look like they’ve been taken straight out of fairytales. No jokes!


2. The Picasso Mural (Regjeringskvartalet)

It’s worth the walk down to the government quarter to see the beautiful fisherman on block Y. This was supposed to get demolished but I think it is now listed as one of Europe’s most endangered heritage sites by the heritage organisation Europa Nostra. Pretty cool.


3. Aker Brygge

A walk to the docks is a must do and whether or not you’re feeling the shopping vibe, this area will def make you’re day better.This is where you can find the cruises around the fjords which I totally recommend on a sunny day. It’s also really close to Tjuvholmen which has some pretty cool architecture and Astrup Museum.


We literally went to this park every night! We loved it so much. To be honest it was on our way home but at the same time, it was the place to be if you just wanted to have a cheap supermarket drink on the grass and a disposal bbq dinner. And there’s always good music coming from someone close to you. The best summer spot if you’re into GOMO!

5. Vigeland Sculpture Park

Last but not least, the crazy sculptures in this park will definitely make you reconsider life. Especially the column! Fairly, it is quite far away from everything else but we really enjoyed the walk. It’s also on everybody to do list of Oslo so I could not have included it as well!



1. Oslo Opera House

You might be very surprised I haven’t mentioned the Opera House already, and I know it’s a great outdoor place to chill and people watch but I wanted to include it in the landmarks/museums list, not to mention my ‘out and about’ list was full.. I wouldn’t miss it if I were in Oslo though.

2. National Gallery

I have a thing for National Galleries, they seem to be my fav place to go, but for good reason. If you’re a fan of Munch, or not, you’ve probably heard of The Scream. Oh well, one of the versions is here, and if you can’t be asked to spend half a day in the Munch museum, this is def the place to go! When we went, it was free on Friday, but it’s probably worth checking in advance. Worth a visit either way!


Good old snapchat


3. Mortensrud Church

Okay, I lied when I said we walked everywhere, we took the train one evening to go see the Mortensrud Church. It’s only about half an hour away from Oslo city centre and I would def suggest to go if you have the time. It’s light till late in summer so just go at the end of a busy touristy day! Surrounded by nature, it feels like years away from busy Oslo and it’s absolutely stunning.

4. DogA

Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture. Vegan cafe, fabulous shop and some interesting exhibits. Give it a go if you’re in the area!

5. Asrup Fearnley Museum

Mentioned this when I talked about Aker Brygge but it reminded us a bit of Fondazione Prada in Milan so I had to put it on the list. Don’t ask me why, it was probably the exhibition. Modern Art heaven.

I was planning to have a FOOD & DRINK section but then I realised this post is way too long anyway and I would have probably lost you half way through so I will save that for next time. And when you think about it, it’s not that relevant to GOMO, although some of these places happen outside.

We really enjoyed Oslo and it was the perfect ‘go out more often’ place to go to!

Have you ever been to Oslo? Let me know all your recommendations, I loved it so much I’m already planning on going back soon so would love to know of any good new places to see!

Love, Sim x





Cuba break

So this place has been really quiet for the past couple of months, sorry about that. The thing is I’ve been away to Cuba for most of that time. A whole month to be exact, and yeh Internet was something we were short of over there.

But do not worry, I have so many stories and photos to share that I am sure they will definitely be worth the long wait!

I plan on doing a ‘what to do and see in Cuba’ blog post soon so I won’t give that much away this time. I’ll just show you guys some general photos of the beautiful Caribbeans  and a bit of what I was up to while there.

I went over there with a workshop so I was working most of the time, 6 days a week to be precise, but there were always Sundays off and I also had a whole week to explore on top of that!

I went to Havana, the workshop was there so I spent most of my spare time walking around Havana Vieja trying to find good food and drink places as well as nice shops and all those sort of things.

We also went around Havana to all its suburbs, tried lots of beaches and even reached the beautiful grounds of Vinales.

I have to say, I am now a very big fun of sun in February/ March. We don’t get that much over here unfortunately.

But that’s enough of me rambling (for now)! Please enjoy these beautiful photos and make sure you come back soon!

Love, Sim x