The perfect vegan breakfast


I made this breakfast smoothie for the first time about a month ago, when I decided to use my smoothie maker more often, and I had it every day since! I’m telling you every single day with no exception! And I still love it the same as the first time I had it. I even made the boy to try it and he’s now hooked too!

I am probably not the first one to make it but I am very proud of myself that it ended up so good after I put a few things I had around together without using any recipe!

So for me it is the perfect breakfast, it is vegan (as my body decided after 23 years of life that is lactose intolerant… okay maybe not intolerant but I def can’t have milk anymore) and it is the perfect combo of fruits and fiber and everything! I promise once you try it you’ll be hooked forever!


So all you need is:

-one medium riped banana ( the darker and ‘uglier’ the better)

-half a cup of oats ( I used porridge oats)

-a cup of milk (I used almond but I’m sure soya would be equally as good)

-a teaspoon of cinnamon (of course you can add as much as you want! who am I to stop you!)

-a tablespoon of chia seeds

-two tablespoons of peanut butter (or three if you feel peanut !)

-about 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds (I like to add mine at the end on top but you could mix them with everything else too!)

– The boy’s input: tiny splash of vanilla extract (I have’t tried it yet but he swears it’s better than mine… hmmmm debatable!)

DSC_0123  DSC_0126

So basically you just mix everything you’ve got in your healthy cupboard and voilla ! Your breakfast is ready! I eat mine with a spoon as it’s got the consistency of a very loose porridge but if you prefer drinking it, just add less oats and more milk or extra water!

Let me know what you think or if you have any other breakfast smoothies favourites!

Love, Sim x


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