Cuba break

So this place has been really quiet for the past couple of months, sorry about that. The thing is I’ve been away to Cuba for most of that time. A whole month to be exact, and yeh Internet was something we were short of over there.

But do not worry, I have so many stories and photos to share that I am sure they will definitely be worth the long wait!

I plan on doing a ‘what to do and see in Cuba’ blog post soon so I won’t give that much away this time. I’ll just show you guys some general photos of the beautiful Caribbeans  and a bit of what I was up to while there.

I went over there with a workshop so I was working most of the time, 6 days a week to be precise, but there were always Sundays off and I also had a whole week to explore on top of that!

I went to Havana, the workshop was there so I spent most of my spare time walking around Havana Vieja trying to find good food and drink places as well as nice shops and all those sort of things.

We also went around Havana to all its suburbs, tried lots of beaches and even reached the beautiful grounds of Vinales.

I have to say, I am now a very big fun of sun in February/ March. We don’t get that much over here unfortunately.

But that’s enough of me rambling (for now)! Please enjoy these beautiful photos and make sure you come back soon!

Love, Sim x



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