5 bits and bobs: Burger places in Manchester (veggie friendly)

It’s a bit funny that even though most of my meals are super healthy and I love fat free dinners, burgers have to be my favourite food of all time. Good burgers that is, followed closely by good pizza. Okay, not sure which one of these two are my favourite but that is irrelevant at this particular moment in time.

So on this horrible, gloomy and rainy Monday, while sat at my desk in the office at lunch time, I will share with you lot my top 5 burger places in Manchester. I don’t believe there is anything better than having a satisfying burger at the end of a long day, a burger so delicious that you don’t even feel bad to stuff your whole face in it!

Oh yeh, one thing that is probably against any burger rules haha, I am a veggie so the following burger places are guaranteed to have mouth watering veggie burgers. Although I have been told by the boy, and I could more or less promise, the meat versions are equally as good!

1. I would have to start with Almost Famous because I am yet to find a better place that serves veggie burgers. Although a recent find (no.2 on the list) has to be very close behind as their veggie patch is absolutely amazing, but I will get to that in a bit. For those of you who don’t know what Almost Famous is, basically the heaven of all burgers. They are gourmet burgers so it will be a whole new experience, and they have yummy cocktails, creamy milkshakes and super sweet deserts. They are all worth trying so I suggest to give it a try ! They started in Manchester but are all over the North now, so you’ll find them in Liverpool and Leeds too!

2. We bumped into Bangers and Bacon at Castlefield Market a while ago and the boy tried their meaty sausages. So we had to go try them out in their new place at The Kitchens in Spinningfields. I know the name and sausages and everything sounds completely against my beliefs but trust me when I say this, their veggie version is as good as it can get!

3. Another good one that is on our list since the beginning is Solita! Funny enough, the boy and I had our first date there and man their burgers were good! And they have so much more, so if by any chance you are not a huge burger fan, there will be something on the menu to make you happy! And they’re expanding so watch out for a Solita Restaurant in your area haha!

4. My forth option would probably be Shake Shack but I decided to make a Manchester list so as they haven’t got that far north with their franchise, I’ll have to forget about them for now. And I’ll continue with Handmade burger. They have the longest list of burgers I have ever seen! They even have more than one veggie burger on their menu which is refreshing. One to try for sure!

5. My last but not least burger place is GBK! Which is probably the easiest to get to if you don’t live in Manchester! Their burgers are good, the staff is always super helpful and extra nice no matter which restaurant you go to, and their skinny fries are the bestest!!! And they’ve changed their menu not so long ago so they’ve got so much more to offer now. We were super impressed when we last went and we decided to put it on the top 5 burger places list. That has to say something.

This is exclusively a Manchester list so I am very well aware that there are lots of good burger places out there. Nevertheless, if you’ve got any other amazing places within the Manchester area, please let me know as we’re always looking for a new good burger place to try out!

There are actually a few more places that I’ve recently discovered and I want to try so keep an eye out for the next burger post if you’re into this sort of things ha!

What do you think of my burgers list? Are any of these your favs? Will you be trying them?

Love, Sim x


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