Comptoir love

Ever since I have started watching Estee’s vlogs ( you can find them here in case you have been living under a rock and don’t know who she is haha) I’ve been wanting to try Comptoir. And lucky me, there’s one 5 mins away from our flat that opened a few months ago! So we decided to give it a go.

I love Lebanese food anyway, but seriously, this place is absolutely insane. I just wanted to keep eating. And their veggie menu is so diverse, I struggled to decide what to have. You can have a browse onย theirย websiteย if you’d like!

We shared their dip platter thingy for starter because we couldn’t decide on one dish. Seriously I just wanted to order everything on that menu. It was so hard. And look how insanely good it looks. Dreamy!


For drinks I went for the carrot and ginger juice, which was great but maybe a bit to gingery for my taste. Gonna try something else next time. I got the large one and it was hugeeee, I have to admit I couldn’t finish it.

For the main, the boy went for lamb tagine and I was advise by the lovely staff to have the aubergine moussaka with vermicelli rice. I’ve had moussaka before, my grandma used to make it lots and I also had it in Greece but I can’t even explain it, this one was so much better. They can’t even be compared, this one is aย completely different league. The photo doesn’t do them justice, they looked 10 times better in real life.

As if we didn’t have enough already, we ended up having desert as well. Same problem occurred, had no idea which ones to choose so we went for all of them. I don’t regret a thing. They were so good I even forgot to take photos of them.

I am definitely going back again soon. It has to be one of my favourites restaurants of all time! These are big words but true nonetheless.

Do you like Lebanese food? Have you tried Comptoir?

Love, Sim x


December vibes

Hello everybody! Long time no see. WordPress is telling me that it has been two months since my last blog post… That’s scary…

Anyway, it’s December!!! It’s actually been December for a while now… I planed to get this post up first week of December but I have been so busy it just didn’t happen unfortunatelly.

It has been a very good month so far, I love Christmas so our house is always festive, there are always christmas films on and the Christmas Market is always a must at least once a week.

I’ll just quickly go through what has happened so far, I don’t want to bore you or anything!

1.Ciaran and I are advent calendar enthusiasts, we always open them together, we never miss a day, the whole experience is all very excited! I got the yankee candle pink advent calendar, it’s the spice one and  you can find it here. I know it is a bit too late but it’s on sale now and there are 25 tea lights in so why not?!

The boy got the lego star wars advent calendar. I actually got this in October because I know they sell out very quickly. You can find it here but pretty overpriced.


2. We put our Christmas tree up ! This happened on 3rd of December I think. We got a replantable norwegian christmas tree in a pot from Tesco and I am very happy with it ! The entire flat smells lovely!



How adorable is this?

3. As I just mentioned before, there might or might not have been several trips to the Christmas Market.. Manchester has such an amazing market, the food is so yummy and comforting, there are so many quirky and pretty things everywhere and the mulled wine is a whole other story. The french cheese stand was particularly appreciated this year. Money has been spent there.. more than once.


4. Christmas films I have been loving.

  • The Holiday is an old time favourite, I think we’ve watched it three times since the beginning of December… Oops!
  • I don’t know about you but I love Harry Potter no matter the season, although there is something special about the festive holidays that makes us watch them even more!
  • Arthur Christmas is probably one of Ciaran’s favs but I have actually been loving it too recently. It just makes me so happy!
  • The list could go on forever but I think I am going to conclude with Home Alone. It just doesn’t get any better!

PS. You might be surprised that I haven’t mentioned Love Actually. It is probably my favourite but we haven’t watched it yet. I am saving it for Christmas Eve just make it all a bit more special!

5. Christmas do, wearing christmas jumpers, writing christmas cards and baking christmassy cupcakes. I just love Christmas so much !


How’s your December been so far? Let me know if you have any festive suggestions!

Love, Sim x