Italian evening


Hello there! I’ve decided to indulge you with an italian treat in-between my Cuba adventure posts. Are you hungry yet? Yes me too, and you will be thirsty for some wine very very soon!

I was lucky enough to be invited to Veeno to join their wine tasting and snacking event by their lovely staff! Sounds heavenly, I know.

Now, I’ve never been wine tasting before so the whole experience was amazing. Tried 6 different types of wine, two whites, three reds and a dessert wine. Made me feel very classy indeed! Not to mention we started our night with a glass of prosecco! I was a happy bunny.

The testing menu comes with a platter full of nibbles!!!! (I always get excited when it comes to food..) Delicious Italian treats, each of them being carefully selected to go with the wine. And their olive oil is to die for! Gonna get a bottle next time I go.


My favourite wine was definitely the Frappato & Nerello, and even though was supposed to be enjoyed with salami, I loved it just as much with the focaccia and olives. I’m not usually a red person but this wine made me change my mind. It was really smooth and easy to drink. And you can even take it home if you want!

The place is super cosy and welcoming, with an italian vibe, right in the centre of Manchester. Β I’ve wanted to go for a while but I just didn’t get the chance so I was super happy when I got the invite! I have already planned my next visit!

They have a very long list of wine and prosecco, but if you can’t decide, the wine tasting menu is quite varied and affordable. I totally recommend,especially if you are, such as myself, quite new to on wine tasting boat! Such an amazing experience. And the best bit, the lovely staff is right there throughout your visit to give you the help you need to enjoy your evening!



Make sure you check their website to see what other events they have on! They’re based in Manchester, Leeds, York, Liverpool, Harrogate and Nottingham!

Let me know if you’ve ever been! Do you have anyΒ other suggestions for wine tasting in Manchester?

Love, Sim x



December vibes

Hello everybody! Long time no see. WordPress is telling me that it has been two months since my last blog post… That’s scary…

Anyway, it’s December!!! It’s actually been December for a while now… I planed to get this post up first week of December but I have been so busy it just didn’t happen unfortunatelly.

It has been a very good month so far, I love Christmas so our house is always festive, there are always christmas films on and the Christmas Market is always a must at least once a week.

I’ll just quickly go through what has happened so far, I don’t want to bore you or anything!

1.Ciaran and I are advent calendar enthusiasts, we always open them together, we never miss a day, the whole experience is all very excited! I got the yankee candle pink advent calendar, it’s the spice one and  you can find it here. I know it is a bit too late but it’s on sale now and there are 25 tea lights in so why not?!

The boy got the lego star wars advent calendar. I actually got this in October because I know they sell out very quickly. You can find it here but pretty overpriced.


2. We put our Christmas tree up ! This happened on 3rd of December I think. We got a replantable norwegian christmas tree in a pot from Tesco and I am very happy with it ! The entire flat smells lovely!



How adorable is this?

3. As I just mentioned before, there might or might not have been several trips to the Christmas Market.. Manchester has such an amazing market, the food is so yummy and comforting, there are so many quirky and pretty things everywhere and the mulled wine is a whole other story. The french cheese stand was particularly appreciated this year. Money has been spent there.. more than once.


4. Christmas films I have been loving.

  • The Holiday is an old time favourite, I think we’ve watched it three times since the beginning of December… Oops!
  • I don’t know about you but I love Harry Potter no matter the season, although there is something special about the festive holidays that makes us watch them even more!
  • Arthur Christmas is probably one of Ciaran’s favs but I have actually been loving it too recently. It just makes me so happy!
  • The list could go on forever but I think I am going to conclude with Home Alone. It just doesn’t get any better!

PS. You might be surprised that I haven’t mentioned Love Actually. It is probably my favourite but we haven’t watched it yet. I am saving it for Christmas Eve just make it all a bit more special!

5. Christmas do, wearing christmas jumpers, writing christmas cards and baking christmassy cupcakes. I just love Christmas so much !


How’s your December been so far? Let me know if you have any festive suggestions!

Love, Sim x

Weekly picks #1

wishlist #1

As any human being out there, I too have lots of things on my wishlist. But unfortunately you can’t always buy everything haha (you either run out of money or space). Therefore, I have decided to put together weekly wishlists (said every blogger ever) so I can keep organised and also be more selective with what I actually need at the end of each month!  And hopefully you’ll like some of my picks too!

As I have said before, we are moving to a new flat this September so I have that terrible feeling that I HAVE TO buy all the cute home decor items that I stumble across. Bad idea Sim… Nonetheless, in the next couple of months you will notice a very predominant home decor theme.. Oops!

1. This H&M metal basket is all that I have ever wanted from a storage item. Of course the bronze one is sold out as we all know the bronze vibe is in the air this year but to be honest, the gold one is so beautiful it kind of overshadows the others! There’s also a bigger one available here (with handles) and if you really want the bronze one, they still have it in stock! Happy days!

2.I am utterly in love with this ceramic plate from H&M. I’ve always had a thing for marble ever since I was a little girl ( I mostly loved how cold it was but the look of it was quite appealing too). I really need this one in my life! Payday treat sorted.

3. It seems I have I’ve got a thing for sold out items. This Bombay Duck cushion represents PERFECTION. I already have their dreamy Pouff (see here) and the matching cushion is just a must! Let’s just hope the black one will be back in stock soon, otherwise I will have to get the blue one and I know someone won’t be so happy..

4. I don’t know if you like Zara Home as much as I do but I am warning you, once you start looking on the website, you can’t go back! This round nest of tables I picked is the perfect addition to my future home! The 2 tables are so versatile you can literally use them everywhere, from putting them in the hallway covered in greenery to using them as bedside tables! All you need to do is use your imagination! And they are discounted until 2nd July! (Out the window goes my waiting until I actually move into the new flat haha)

5. Ikea plants will always be on my wish list as there are so many available I will never be able to have them all haha. This particular aloe vera plant is my absolute favourite at the moment. It’s just so fresh and beautiful, and let’s not forget how beneficial the aloe vera gel is! Heaven! Unfortunately, it cannot be bought online, but do not fear, your local ikea store will def have it !

6. With festival season in full bloom and UK summer just around the corner, this monki dress is just so casual and light, pretty much perfect for this time of year. There’s a black one available, which I will probably get as I am more of a dark side kind of gal but either way it’s a winner! And it is on sale too!! You’re in for a treat here guys!

7. Ever since I discovered Mon Pote, I have been browsing their web shop everyday. I found this House Doctor DK wire bowl a couple of weeks ago ( obvs out of stock now:() and I was so tempted to order it but I asked myself the question. Do I need another fruit bowl in my life? The answer was YESSSSS! But I decided to wait until we move into the new place. Hopefully it will be back in stock until then!

What do you think of my wishlist ? Do you own or want any of these items?

Love, Sim x

5 bits and bobs: Happy weekend

I know I haven’t been very active on the blog lately and I appologise, but I do have a good reason for it! I went to London over the weekend and I had such a good time ! 

My weekend in pictures  


1. London itself should be a good reason to be happy. Although I don’t think I could ever live down there, I love it when I go for a few days at the time. It’s so alive and busy, there’s so much going on and you will never get bored.

2. The main reason why I went down to London this weekend was to attend Kayla Itsines’ bootcamp and it was everything I ever imagined it will be and more! If you don’t know who she is, let me just introduce you and then make sure you check out her website. So Kayla is this lovely Australian fitness trainer who managed to help millions of girls around the world with her brilliant bbg guides!  Her guides and Instagram account are just perfect if you’re usually not motivated enough to stick to a health and fitness routine. She’s just amazing !

3. My post workout lunch was an amazing sushi session with my bestie at sticks n sushi. We went to the one in Covent Garden and it was delicious! Def one of the best sushi I’ve ever had! We decided on a lovely sashimi mix ( if you don’t know me , sashimi is basically my life) and one of the sushi platters off their lazy menu to share ! If you live in London or you’re around , make sure you give it a go. I promise it will be worth it ! 

4. I managed to time my London trip just right and therefore I joined my bestie to her end of the year party. The theme was ‘tropical’ and the venue was next to St Paul Cathedral so you can probably imagine how stunning the views were! They had really yummy food and great tropical decorations! We had a really good time !

5. My top 5 thing that made my weekend was our Sunday breakfast! We had organic eggs omelette with juicey radishes and green, yellow and red cherry tomatoes. It was so delicious and I’m sure it def cured some hungovers haha! 

Hope you had a great weekend! Let me know what you’ve been up to!

Love, Sim