Mini Ikea Haul

I thought I will go crazy and buy lots of stuff but apparently I had a bit of self control and didn’t end up buying the whole Ikea… okay it was more because I was on a very tight budget .. Anyway, I did get some stuff, mostly storage, very boring but I will show you nevertheless!

Ikea Haul

1.I shall start with the thing that I’m most excited about… This cloud cushion !!! which is called FJÄDERMOLN because why would you give it a normal name..Anyway, OMG just look at how cute it isssss. I really didn’t need this but hey, you never have enough cushions. Right??

2.Since I’m starting fresh with a new kitchen, I decided a few Ikea storage boxes are in order to keep my cupboards on track. So I got like 5 of these PLUGGIS things, I already had 4 so I just needed a few more to put my baking things, condiments and herbs and ALL THE GRAINS. They’re so nice, I got 4 white mint and 1 completely white.

3.Last time my parents came over, they brought lots of Ikea goodies (oh my, I just love  Ikea storage solutions), including some containers which I really liked and I decided I needed some more so I got another small one (I already have 2) and I got a super long one for spaghetti which I am overly excited about. I think they’re all called DROPPAR but they just have different sizes.

4.My mum also brought these 4 RAJTAN small containers (spice jars) last time so I decided (again) I need more so I got another set of 4. They’re quite nice for small things, I keep my pine nuts, black sesame seeds, chia seeds and flaked almonds in mine and I needed some more for coconut flakes, white sesame seeds, maybe sprinkles and who knows, I’ll decide on the spot.

5.Basically most of the things we got were kitchen storage as I said before so we ended up buying these JÄMKA containers too because they’re quite handy with flour, cereals ect and I know I’m gonna use them because I already have two haha!

Ikea Haul2

6.We also got some super cute beddings called EMMIE LAND (I can’t seem to find them online, think they’re new and on some sort of sale something not sure), I needed some pink and white beddings in my life and I just loved these ones so I got them. So yeah that’s that haha. I am really excited to put them on!

7.Going to the boring part, not that the rest of the items were incredibly exciting but yeh, that’s life. We got a DRÖNA pink box, I already have a pink one and 2 flowery ones and we needed 4 to fit in our new unit wooop wooppppp!

8.So as you can see from the previous number, we got a new unit. And omg I’m so excited about it. It’s a KALLAX, big surprise there haha. We’re gonna use it as a side cabinet in the living room and I just think it’s gonna look really nice. If we change our minds and we won’t like it anymore in the future, it can go on the hallway as we kind of need something there to replace the current foldable shelves. We’ll see about that.

9.We actually got quite a lot of things but yeh the last bits and bobs are for the wardrobe as our didn’t have anything except a KOMPLEMENT rail… and it’s a pretty big wardrobe but meh. We talked to a very nice lady in Ikea and she helped us design our wardrobe and we got another KOMPLEMENT rail, two KOMPLEMENT drawer baskets and a KOMPLEMENT shelf and I’m so happy about them! There’s so much room now!

Been really busy for the past couple of days, haven’t even finished unpacking everything yet… I mean most of it is done but I still need to decorate and go through some things and hopefully get rid of some things and yeh.. really busy so I didn’t actually get around to finish this post either. I think I started it on Monday.. Oh well, better late than ever, right?

Let me know what you think! I love reading and watching videos about other people hauls (is that even a word?) so I thought I might do one myself!

Love, Sim x


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