We’re moving!

Unfortunately I fell asleep last night before posting this so basically everything is delayed by one day. Just to clarify, we picked up the key on Thursday and moved the first batch of boxes and stuff last night! Very confusing I know..

The time has finally come to move flats.. again! We picked the key up yesterday and I spent all day packing the old flat up, writing inventory lists and dreaming of how the flat will end up looking.

We didn’t manage to move anything last night, even though I had a lot of boxes ready for when the boy came home from work, because the place wasn’t exactly clean. They just finished refurbishing it and the floors were dusty ect and I wanted to give it a good clean before we do anything else. Have I told you it’s a grade 2 listed building?! And it’s super new inside as they’ve been refurbishing for the past months?! The architecture geek in me is aboveΒ excited.

I literally can’t wait to dive into organising the space and making it our own! Wooooop. I gave the floors a good scrub and rearranged the furniture to my liking and tonight is moving in time!

It will probably take us the whole weekend to completely move all our things but I just really want to get started.

This is how the flat looks like now, not impressive I know but it’s white and it has a lot of potential! Doesn’t it just look like a blank canvas ready to be turned into art?! And it has super tall ceilings both in the bedroom and kitchen/living room and amazing windows! And I have such high hopes for it! So keep tuned for a few interior design posts soon.

And as you do, the next thing on the list is going to ikea so I might do an Ikea Haul post in the nearer future. Who knows!

Let me know what you think of the space and if you have any interior tips/amazing interior shops suggestions!

Love, Sim x


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