Weekly picks #2

wishlist #2

We went to IKEA at the weekend to pick up some bits and bobs for the kiddies boxes for the wedding so, obviously, I had a look around as well.  It was normal to find a few nice things here and there and I though I might as well share them with you!

1. This cushion was the first thing I saw when we went in, its pattern just stands out in a very nice way without overcrowding the space. I love the black and white zigzag that’s going on and I think it will look great on out sofa!!

2. Every single time we go to IKEA I take a 5 mins break and chill on this comfy chair! Every single time, no exception! The bright green and organic shape makes me wanna stop and stare! And the best part about it is that it spins!!!! It will probably be perfect if it had arms too, but oh well, this is life! That’s probably the only reason why I haven’t got it already. That and the bills that we have to pay haha. Maybe one day…

3. While we’re in the seating area I should probably talk about this sofa I saw. I thought it looked nice, quite different from most IKEA sofas out there. It’s probably because it has nicer legs. I would like to sit on it first but it looks nice and it’s got quite an affordable price. It will be grant to be comfy as well! (I’m not entirely sure why I am looking at sofas… we really don’t need one)

4. I know every single person on the internet has this KALLAX storage shelving unit, but I really need a neat space to put all my crap and I think this one will actually look okay on the hallway. We have to wait and see if it will fit in the new place but I have a feeling we’re gonna purchase this one preeeetty soooooon!

5. I can’t go to ikea and not have a proper look at their cacti! There’re so many to choose from and they’re just so adorable. This pick has been actually bought (oops) but I really couldn’t help myself. And the boy isn’t exactly helping my plant obsession either.(He actually picked them so blame him!)

6. Compared to all the items above, this one I actually need, but as you can see it’s not exactly my no.1 priority haha. I can’t wait to have my own working space very sooooon and I need a good desk lamp for all them late nights! I spotted this one a couple of months back and I think it’s a winner! The floor option is quite fancy too, I might get that one in the end haha. Who knows….

7. My last pick is a rug! Not an obvious choice I would say, but I really liked this odd colour one! I wouldn’t mind it in black but I think this mustardy shade does it justice! I think it would look really good on a laminated floor. What do you think?

Hope you guys like my 7 picks this week! Have you been to IKEA lately? Do you have anything that caught your eye?

Love, Sim x


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