5 bits and bobs: Best takeaways


I was debating whether to write about a good healthy recipe or a great dinner out location but I decided to write something more comforting after a long week, when the only thing you want to do is put your comfy pants on and watch TV !  

Dadammmm I present to you my top 5 Manchester takeaways!

1. Munch. We only tried their curry but I think it’s fair to say this was probably the best curry I’ve ever had ! And I lived near curry mile for three years haha, I probably tried everything!

2. Wasabi. This Japanese restaurant does takeaway as well! And their sushi is pretty good ! I love sashimi so I was pleasantly surprised to see how tasty and fresh it was when it got to our flat! I reckon it also helps how close you are from the actual restaurant but I fully recommend when you’re in need of sushi!

3. Ya souvlaki gyros. We have been introduced to this Greek takeaway by our Greek friends about a year and a half ago. They said it was the closest to the traditional Greek food you could ever get here! I have to admit it was pretty damn good, but then again, everything that’s got halloumi is pretty much perfect to me ! I’ll let you try this one and decide for yourself!

4. Deliveroo. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this one before but it isn’t an actual takeaway. What Deliveroo does is great, they basically deliver delicious restaurant food to your door!!! They’ve got a pretty big list of restaurants and although they give quite a long waiting time , ours got here pretty quick. It’s great actually , can’t recommend it enough !

5. Nudle. The reason why this takeaway is on the list is because it used to be amazing! Not too expensive, very big portions and great quality noodles ! I couldn’t recommend it enough ! I’m pretty sure every single one of my friends have tried and were not disappointed. But that was when they didn’t do takeaway or became famous. Unfortunately, now thay are very pricey, portions became super small and the overall quality of the meal has lowered. Nevertheless , they are still worth trying because they’re probably the only ones of this kind in Manchester ! 

<Warning: their price almost double in the past 2 months and most of the toppings that used to be free of charge are now about 75p extra each .. Not impressed.>
I decided to share this list with you because I love discovering good takeaways once in a while even though I’m a healthy food freak! There’s something about takeaways food that makes you feel so good ! 

I know there isn’t a proper Chinese takeaway in the list above but I was pretty dissapointed with all the ones we’ve tried! Please do let me know if you know any good ones as I always love a good Chinese on a Friday night!

Let me know what you think! And share your fav takeaways in the comments !!!! 

Love, Sim x 


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