Weekly picks #1

wishlist #1

As any human being out there, I too have lots of things on my wishlist. But unfortunately you can’t always buy everything haha (you either run out of money or space). Therefore, I have decided to put together weekly wishlists (said every blogger ever) so I can keep organised and also be more selective with what I actually need at the end of each month!  And hopefully you’ll like some of my picks too!

As I have said before, we are moving to a new flat this September so I have that terrible feeling that I HAVE TO buy all the cute home decor items that I stumble across. Bad idea Sim… Nonetheless, in the next couple of months you will notice a very predominant home decor theme.. Oops!

1. This H&M metal basket is all that I have ever wanted from a storage item. Of course the bronze one is sold out as we all know the bronze vibe is in the air this year but to be honest, the gold one is so beautiful it kind of overshadows the others! There’s also a bigger one available here (with handles) and if you really want the bronze one, they still have it in stock! Happy days!

2.I am utterly in love with this ceramic plate from H&M. I’ve always had a thing for marble ever since I was a little girl ( I mostly loved how cold it was but the look of it was quite appealing too). I really need this one in my life! Payday treat sorted.

3. It seems I have I’ve got a thing for sold out items. This Bombay Duck cushion represents PERFECTION. I already have their dreamy Pouff (see here) and the matching cushion is just a must! Let’s just hope the black one will be back in stock soon, otherwise I will have to get the blue one and I know someone won’t be so happy..

4. I don’t know if you like Zara Home as much as I do but I am warning you, once you start looking on the website, you can’t go back! This round nest of tables I picked is the perfect addition to my future home! The 2 tables are so versatile you can literally use them everywhere, from putting them in the hallway covered in greenery to using them as bedside tables! All you need to do is use your imagination! And they are discounted until 2nd July! (Out the window goes my waiting until I actually move into the new flat haha)

5. Ikea plants will always be on my wish list as there are so many available I will never be able to have them all haha. This particular aloe vera plant is my absolute favourite at the moment. It’s just so fresh and beautiful, and let’s not forget how beneficial the aloe vera gel is! Heaven! Unfortunately, it cannot be bought online, but do not fear, your local ikea store will def have it !

6. With festival season in full bloom and UK summer just around the corner, this monki dress is just so casual and light, pretty much perfect for this time of year. There’s a black one available, which I will probably get as I am more of a dark side kind of gal but either way it’s a winner! And it is on sale too!! You’re in for a treat here guys!

7. Ever since I discovered Mon Pote, I have been browsing their web shop everyday. I found this House Doctor DK wire bowl a couple of weeks ago ( obvs out of stock now:() and I was so tempted to order it but I asked myself the question. Do I need another fruit bowl in my life? The answer was YESSSSS! But I decided to wait until we move into the new place. Hopefully it will be back in stock until then!

What do you think of my wishlist ? Do you own or want any of these items?

Love, Sim x


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