Window sill greenery


A year ago today we got our very first plant, a little layered bamboo, and since then our lives changed! I don’t know how I managed to live for more than 3 years without any plants in my life… Mental! 


We now have lots and lots of plants including succulents, some cacti and we even have 3 tomato plants haha!  This particular one above is my very favourite and I am a very proud mama as it keeps blooming and blooming over and over again. It makes me so happy even though it has just a couple a flowers at the time . I was a bit worried when I first got it because my mum used to have one and it never bloomed, no flowers whatsoever. As you can see mine not just survived but thrived, so I guess I must have done something right! It’s called kalanchoe if you were wondering and you can get it from Tesco

. IMG_2172  IMG_2173

Our kitchen looks so much brighter with all of them around. We currently live in a really small place and we are quite limited for space so we stopped buying new ones a couple of months ago. Good news though, we are moving into a new flat in September and I literally can’t wait! I have already eyed a couple of very small cactuses in the garden centre  which are def gonna make my new shiny shelf in the first week !! (not to mention all the plants ikea stores, I can’t even decide which ones I like most, I’ll probably end up buying them all)

My pots are mostly from ikea, but the double mint green one in the top image is vintage and we painted it! It’s also my favourite and I’m planning on making more as they look great in the kitchen or on the balcony.

Do you love greenery as much as we do? Are you planning on getting some anytime soon?

Love, Sim x


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