Saturday market day


I’ve been living in Manchester for 4 years and I had no idea this place existed. Castlefield market is open every first Saturday of the month and some of the stuff you can find there is preeeetty cool! They’ve got a huge variety of food and lots of vintage and crafty things. Check out the website for more info! It’s worth keeping an eye on for those weekends that you just fancy something different! They’re also doing the secret film society if you’re into that! First one is on Sunday June 14th – see here!

Of course we went there mainly for food ( yup, I do spend all my money on food haha) but we ended up buying the whole place…Got a few vinyls and  2 tea cup candles from this guy – they smell heavenly and they’re bone china as well! Back to food, we had some amazingly cheesy ‘melt in your mouth’ mac and cheese, I had their garlic and basil one and the boy had some meaty one with a scotch egg on top (bleargh..). They were truly scrumptious, but I am determined to go back again and try the wood oven pizza to see how good it is!

Mac and cheese    mac and cheese

I didn’t take that many photos because I was really busy eating everything that I could get my hands on (obviously) and I am not just yet used to this ‘take your camera everywhere’ blogger life. But bare with me, I promise I shall get onto that asap!

castlefield market

ME noming away on a giant shortbread biscuit

In other words, the place is just a must see. It’s on Deansgate, just opposite Beetham Tower and it is pretty easy to miss unless you know about it. I am on a mission to find every little gem hidden in Manchester so it makes me happy when I find something that exceeds my expectations!

Have you been to Castlefield Market before?

Love, Sim x


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