The Thaikhun experience!


As one of my friends would say, I’m living the grandma life at the moment. Nice early nights with lots of nice food and not enough raving. All lies! I listen to Annie Mac’s Friday night show every week! I am pretty sure that counts as massive raving time..

Anyways , talking about nice food and way too much raving, we went to this amazing thai place just around the corner from ours,in Spinningfields (Manchester) for Fri-yay dinner and drinks. It’s called Thaikhun if it wasn’t obvious enough from the title (haha) and it is a real delight for both belly and soul! It’s got the best thai street food I have ever had outside of Thailand. I haven’t actually been to Thailand but I assume thai food would be at its best over there.

Weather was just glorious, proper summer sunshine, not the usual UK crap, so we stayed outside to admire the view and to people watch.I ordered the fresh prawns rolls for starters and the boy had some mini fish cake balls. They were so delicious we devoured them in about 5 seconds. Everything on the menu looked pretty much amazing but we settled for kale and mushroom stir fry and green curry. And we even had room for desert! Well I did! I’m telling you, my crappy phone photos don’t do the dishes justice at all, they were absoulutely insane ( see raver vocabulary right here, no idea what they’re talking about)!!

IMG_2134      IMG_2132

IMG_2130      IMG_2128

I almost forgot to mention their thai inspired cocktails which are just a MUST TRY! I have been here before but I was on a boring silly diet so it was kind of a waste on me and therefore I completely forgot it existed until tonight.I don’t know about you but I’m hooked and I am def going back for more!

What do you think of my Friday thai (re)find? Will you be trying it tomorrow?

Love, Sim x

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